Assovini Sicily!
Assovini Sicily!

Assovini Sicily!

Laurent Bernard De La Gatinais, New President of Assovini Sicilia.

Change at the top of Assovini Sicily, Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais is the new President of the Association that brings together 91 Sicilian wineries of small, medium or large sizes, united by total control of the wine supply chain, the production of quality bottled wine and by the international view of the market. Bernard de la Gatinais, born in 1969, was nominated at the meeting of Wednesday 29 July by the newly elected Board of Directors. Since 2007 he has been President of Rapital

Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais takes over from Alessio Planeta who ends his term of office for 3 years. A reality that of Assovini Sicilia which in the last few years has consolidated its transformation into an association which today contributes to implementing services for Sicilian companies for the promotion of commercial brands and quality products on the national and international market.

“From the previous presidency - explains the newly elected Bernard de la Gatinais - I have received an important legacy that I wish to honor at best. The work done in recent years has not only made it possible to achieve great results in terms of constant improvement of the services offered, but has also contributed to the growth of a territory as a whole. I thank the President Planeta and the councilors all for what has been done and even more for the dedication and passion with which the mandate was carried out. The new Presidency intends to move along the line drawn up to now but also to give a strong boost to the support activity that Assovini carries out within the new SOStain Sicilia Foundation with the aim of promoting sustainability by directing member companies towards measurement constant and the reduction of the impact of agricultural practices on the territory. The goal is to share best practices aimed at respecting the ecosystem and absolute transparency towards the consumer. I also believe it is of fundamental importance to actively contribute to the topic of the formation of new strategic figures for the Sicilian wine sector within the Association itself. In fact, I think it is right to promote the professional growth of the younger members of Assovini so that in the near future they can take up the baton and face the important challenges that await us with competence and determination. "

Assovini Sicilia was born in 1998 by the will of Diego Planeta (Planeta farms), Giacomo Rallo (Donnafugata estate) and Lucio Tasca d'Almerita (Conte Tasca d'Almerita). Its mission today is to promote the Sicily of quality wine as if it were a large company, with specific objectives, strategy and know-how. This is the secret of the association which today brings together about 90 of the main regional wineries from which 80% of the value of Sicilian bottled wine is generated. Make known a real "wine continent" therefore through the voice of the companies that make it great. Today the association, which presents itself in a renewed guise both thanks to the new logo and through the new website, includes members united by three elements: total control of the wine supply chain, from the vineyard to the bottle, the production of quality bottled wine and the international vision of the market. United by a common idea of quality and convinced of the importance of enhancing their territory, large or small members who dialogue on an equal footing in order to make Sicily wine a great "classic" of international enology but also to preserve the environment, keep its roots and deliver this heritage to future generations.

The new Board of Directors of Assovini includes: Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais (President); Lilly Ferro (Vice President); Josè Rallo; Achille Alessi; Giovanna Caruso; Alberto Tasca; Federico Lombardo of Monte Jato; Michele Faro; Mariangela Cambria.




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