Starting April 15, training sessions dedicated to students and aperitifs live on social networks with the protagonists of food and wine and Venetian culture.

From April 15th Primo Banco - AIS Veneto Online Training will be officially active, with a series of in-depth meetings on Google Meet dedicated to students of courses suspended due to the Covid-19 emergency. On the same day Aperitif opens with AIS Veneto , live Instagram that at 19.00 every Wednesday will host the protagonists of wine, cuisine and spirits, but also great personalities of Venetian culture, art and entrepreneurship.
“At a time when the conviviality of being together is missing - explains Marco Aldegheri , President of AIS Veneto - the sense of belonging of our associates who ask us for spaces and opportunities for sharing becomes stronger. So we thought of two new formats able to combine sharing and information, dedicated to both members and supporters of our Association. In recent weeks we are also continuing to work on the magazine and the Vinetia 2021 Guide : they are a strong signal to let our members and companies know that we are here and that the training and culture of AIS Veneto wine does not stop. "
The Primo Banco - Online Training AIS Veneto initiative is organized weekly and is reserved for regularly enrolled students. It provides specific lessons for individual classes of students, depending on the place of enrollment and the level of training, with collateral topics and complementary focus on the topics covered during the course for Sommeliers .
The format of the interview will instead be at the center of the Aperitif meetings with AIS Veneto , which will be open to all fans and will be broadcast live on the Association's Instagram channel. The first appointment is dedicated to Marco Aldegheri, who will present the projects of AIS Veneto, while Simone Padoan of I Tigli , the Belluno writer Francesco Vidotto , Nadia Pasquali of the restaurant at the Valeggio sul Mincio stock exchange have already been confirmed as protagonists of the next meetings. , Tiziano Castagnedi of Tenuta Sant'Antonio and Andrea Maschio of the Bonaventura Maschio Distillery.
The complete calendar of events is available and updated on the website