New project by the Friulian winemaker to enhance the potential of a territory that he considers extraordinarily suited to the cultivation of the olive tree.

Alongside wine, also oil: this is the new project by Enrico Coser (owner with the family of Ronco dei Tassi di Cormòns, a historic winery in the Collio Goriziano area), who has taken advantage of the months of forced slowdown in the commitments imposed by the pandemic to engage in a new initiative, always in contact with the earth, always linked to Friuli Venezia Giulia. Ed now produces Ecco , an elegant and delicate extra virgin olive oil , whose name comes from the acronym E nrico e C ostanza Co ser, his little 5-year-old daughter, who also designed the logo that stands out on the black label .

"The idea of producing oil was born to me because I believe that ours is an area extraordinarily suited to the cultivation of the olive tree due to its microclimate and its position - explains Enrico Coser - Friuli Venezia Giulia is in fact at the limit of latitude for olivoculture and this characteristic gives the oil unique characteristics at an organoleptic and analytical level, with an acidity and a quantity of polyphenols that are also optimal for the health aspect, as well as at the gustatory level. "

About 1400 plants, with an average age of 15 years, cultivated with great attention to the environment, with organic fertilization and - as regards phytosanitary management - with guided and integrated pest management with low environmental impact products. The olives are harvested manually , arrive in the mill on the same day as the harvest and are immediately processed . The pressing is carried out at a controlled cold temperature (ie below 27 ° C). Subsequently the oil is stored in steel tanks and left to decant at a controlled temperature (14-16 ° C). Finally Ecco is marketed in half-liter bottles with an elegant design, specially made in antique green color, to better protect the precious contents from light.

"Ecco is characterized by a medium fruity and by the fusion of the peculiarities of the individual cultivars - explains Enrico Coser - It is a clean oil, which opens on notes of sweetness, leaving room for a moderate bitter sensation and a pleasant spiciness, typically attributable to the regional cultivar Bianchera. It is ideal on vegetable salads, grilled vegetables, fish appetizers, baked and grilled fish, fish and vegetable first courses. "