"Girolio d’Italia" 2015: the tour of extra virgin olive oil dedicated to expo

A tour of Italy that will affect some of the territories devoted to olive growing and oil production. It started on July 10th and will end in late November. It was promoted by ANCO, the association that promotes for our cities a tour of extra virgin olive oil. And it does it holding the values of the "Carta di Milano".

It begins in July but will continue until the end of the year, the special edition of "Girolio d?Italia", this year more than ever dedicated to EXPO: from 10th July it will ascend Italy, to end its journey in late November at Rosignano Marittimo in Tuscany. And like many fixed events in the territory, in 2015 will take place closely with the World Exhibition, as it will be completely dedicated to the themes of the event and will bring with it the famous "Carta di Milano" on which this edition of EXPO is based: to promote healthy lifestyles, to fight obesity, to promote sustainable agriculture and to reduce food waste by 50% by 2020.

The tour of extra virgin is organized by the Cities of Oil National Association in collaboration with the regional coordinators. The target of ANCO is to give opportunities to institutions, associations and private citizens of the various locations, to share and to have a seat at a stop of Girolio. This very special event has a deeply symbolic meaning: the theme of the Exhibition, in effect, reflects the main goals of the Cities of Oil National Association, to say, to enhance the traditions linked to the historical memory of the territories, to promote and protect the environment and the olive–growing landscape, to spread the history and culture of olive oil and olive trees, through encouraging research and experiments enhancing local varieties. But also to disseminate information and to promote initiatives on consumer education and proper nutrition. In short, to support and defend one of the most important products of our territory. The first stop was on 10th July in Basilicata, precisely in Matera, already Capital of Culture in 2019 and now also capital of extra virgin olive oil and healthy food, then "Girolio d’Italia Speciale Expo" moves to Molise to Macchia Valfortore–Sant’Elia in Pianisi–Colletorto from 31st July to 2nd August, to continue in Abruzzo in Città Sant’Angelo on 5th and 6th September and in Campania in Oliveto Citra on 12th. Five stages in October, from that of 3rd and 4th in Puglia, in Corato, on 10th and 11th in Lombardy in Monte Isola – Marone, on 17th in Parma, from 23rd to 25th in Umbria in Foligno and on 30th October in Arco – Riva del Garda. Three stages in November, with Liguria on 15th and 16th in Imperia, on 20th and 21st in Illasi in Veneto and on 28th and 29th in Tuscany in Rosignano Marittimo.