"916 Fbe", in collaboration with Assofrantoi, has launched a project to offer high–quality extra virgin olive oils, together with a document that describes the path from the land to the consumer

"Extravergine 916" is a 100% Italian olive oil named "916" after the specific gravity of oil. This is a very innovative production company that makes of variety and traceability its identity values. The formula developed in collaboration with Asso.Frant.o.i, the Association of Italian Oil Mills, aims to inform consumers of organolpetic, nutraceutical and health features.

This innovative project aims to enhance the culture of Italian extra virgin olive oil which is a huge heritage to our agricultural economy, in a unique in the world land.

A story made transparent and accessible thanks to the care with which the experts follow all production processes. To trace this information, the oils selected for "Extravergine 916" have a specific CDIF OEVO, or an "identity card of the oil mill" (EU funded project). Each bottle is provided with a document that tells its story, from the olive grove to the table.

«My passion to learn even more about this matter – Yolanda D’Amato, president of "916 Fbe" said – stems from being primarily a consumer who wants to be more aware of what you choose on a daily basis and then from having lived interesting experiences in Italian oil mills».

Yolanda D’Amato (916 Fbe) and Pier Luigi Silvestri of Asso.Frant.o.i: «Our role – the president of Asso.Frant.o.i, Pier Luigi Silvestri, said – is not meant to be simply representative, but of commitment in the field».