On 9th May, the work of the tasting Commissions of the 41st provincial wine Competition "Premio Marengo Doc" ended, organized by the Chamber of Commerce with the operational support of the Asperia Special Agency.

The wine samples presented by as many as 84 companies were 273 in total, of which 14 for the aromatic category, 74 for the white category, 176 for the red category and 9 for the sparkling category.

Here are the awarding modalities laid down in the rules of the competition:

Marengo Doc Award: awarded to the wines that have achieved a score of at least 85/100;

Special Selection Award: awarded to the 30 wines with the highest score, in any case not lower than 88/100;

Marengo d’Oro Award: the best for each of the categories, white, red, sparkling and aromatic;

Marengo Doc Woman Award: to the wine with the best score represented by a company mostly owned by women;

Marengo Doc Young Award: to the wine that obtained the highest score presented by an entrepreneur born from 1975.

«The edition of the 41 years – the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Gian Paolo Coscia, says – has once again demonstrated the vitality of our competition and the importance it can have to promote the whole wine industry of the province». –