Two million bottles per day and with consumption recovered by 4% per cent after seven years of declines. «For the Italian bubbles – Giampietro Comolli, founder of Ovse–Independent Economic Observatory of Wines and Sparkling Wines, communicated to ANSA – for the canonical 25 days of celebration we estimate a good recovery. Even for wine purchases of the period are starting to grow again of 0.9%, mainly great brands: less varied and rich in goodies baskets, but some cardboards full of wine and sparkling wine more, as much appreciated gift». The Italian sparkling wines of records confirm themselves as protagonists in the 2015 holidays, at all latitudes.

From the estimates of the Observatory of Wine (UIV, ISMEA, SDA Bocconi) come to light: «the absolute figures of consumption related to Christmas, which would increase from 54 million bottles of the 2014 festivities to 56.5 million provided for those at the gates. Also interesting are the exports of Italian sparkling wine that with 362 million bottles records throughout 2015 a +13% on 2014. Triple growth rate, this, compared to that related to the world export of bubbles of +4.1%». So Domenico Zonin, Chairman of the Italian Wine Union, said.

Source: Ansa and Winenews