What does it mean Doc DOCG?

How is the quality?

What kind of legislation and controls are there? What daes it means Doc?

An Italian who lands Doc abroad with what it has to collide?

And what kind of resonance can have in a foreign consumer?

It can promote the perception of quality for Americans, Germans, Chinese?

A thousand and one question: What are DOC and DOCG and what may become


We depart from the law: the last Italian Ministerial Decree DM 30/11/2011 regarding the approval disciplinary consolidated PDO wines that stabilise the 73 Italian DOCG and DOC from 330 to put in hand to Europe.


First, by designation of origin is the geographical name of a wine region (eg: Taurasi, Franciacorta, Prosecco, Valpolicella, Soave).

Are governed by production rules or a set of laws and guidelines which must be followed to obtain wines that can bear the DOC, DOCG ect.

The regulations state: vines, grape yield, minimum alcoholic strength of grapes, vine density, type of winemaking techniques and features that should have the finished wine (color, odor, acidity ..)

For DOC, DOC has provided a constant control from the vineyard to the cellar area of ​​production, varieties, yield per acre, minimum alcohol content, solids, total acidity, unauthorized practice, etc..).

The quality of the DOC wines should be checked prior to marketing: to this end have been set up special "tasting fees" at the Chambers of Commerce to make chemical and sensory analysis to confirm the requirements of the Protocol of production.

DOCG wines, Denominazine of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed are even stricter set of rules: Doc must have been for at least 5 years, be subjected to chemical analysis / sensory phase of production Doc The peculiarities of each bottle is the flag State , a classic pink or green band, which is awarded by the Italian Republic. The bands are given on the basis of hectoliters of wine products only to authorized bottlers.


As mentioned before, from now on will deal with Europe to legislate on the subject, chosen due to the fact that the wine markets are increasingly globalized.


This trend of market globalization leads to serious changes to the image of the wine consumer and requires a comparison between the different realities of DOC and DOCG wines, particularly those who have more strength commericale ie Doc American and Australian.


The latter have a pragmatic, market-oriented, based on objective technical aspects of the wine and linking the brand to the vine.


The European DOC however, are more related to landscape and culture, and this gives them a more stable future.

In Europe there is research to combine the two visions: the area and market, and traditional marketing.


The DOC and DOCG wines are definitely a way forward with great decision for building a stable, state and be able to earn the trust and fideizzazione the end user, ensuring a bright future in the European wine market.

So the DOC and DOCG is a collective instrument to be included in effective communication and marketing strategies that are able to enhance the genuineness and 'identity of the land, combating the risk of approval that the globalization of markets brings with it.