In France Perignan was held the first competition dedicated to vine Cannonau "Grenaches du monde". France had great success with 7 Great gold medals. Italy has won the second place Italy has also won two gold medals and eight silver medals

Perpignan was the capital of the world vine Cannonau in French language and land called "Grenaches." The wine competition "Grenaches du monde" was an opportunity to exchange in order to highlight the richness of the wines are obtained from vine Cannonau. This first edition was made ​​an overview of the Cannonau black in 6 geographical areas. What better way to highlight the richness of this vine that personality to the wines based on where it is grown? The quality and potential of grape and were escorted to their involvement with a guided tasting of two wines. To tell the riches of cannonau Sardo, Italy had the distinguished representatives: Enzo Blonde (Onav, winemaker and author of the book Cannonau, Mito Mediterranean) and Mariano Murru (winemaker, winery responsible Argiolas).

Large international investments to "Grenaches du monde" 2013

The "Grenaches du monde" was set up by the Council of inter wines of Roussillon (CIVR). Participation was strong and there were 364 wines and representatives from as many as 7 countries: the Republic of Macedonia, Spain and South Africa, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy.

The jury was composed of skilled workers in the industry of 10 different nationalities: winemakers, sommeliers, trade press, bloggers, wine merchants, traders and producers.

Riconsciuta The international jury awarded nine gold medals Great of which Italy was awarded a Grand Gold Medal won by Cannonau wine company Attilio Contini.
But Italy did not stop here, has won no less than 2 gold medals and eight silver.

Here are the wines from vine Cannonau awarded the "Grenaches du monde" 2013

Great gold medal

Doc Cannonau, Sartiglia 2011, Winery Attilio Contini Spa

Gold Medal

Doc Cannonau, Olianas 2011, Societa Agricola srl ​​Olianas

IGT Isola dei Nuraghi, Turriga 2008, Argiolas Spa

Silver Medal

Doc Cannonau, Chios Reserve 2008, The Cellar Nuraghe-Mogoro soc. coop.

Doc Cannonau, Corona Majore Reserve 2009, Seals Solothurn

Doc Cannonau, Costera 2010, Argiolas Spa

Doc Cannonau, Gabbas Arbore Reserve 2008, Azienda Agricola Giuseppe Gabbas

Doc Cannonau, 'Inu Cannonau Riserva 2009, Winery Attilio Contini Spa

Doc Cannonau, Kiri 2011, Cantina del Vermentino social soc. coop. agricultural

Doc Cannonau, Pitcher of Oliena 2010, Cantina Oliena soc. coop. agricultural

IGT Isola dei Nuraghi, Tuvara 2006, Wine Alberto Loi Ltd.