The National Competition of Riesling was held, with the participation of 50 Italian Riesling of the 2013 vintage. Here are the 10 best Riesling 2013

During the South Tyrol Riesling Days the 9th National Competition of Riesling was held. A jury of experts tasted and evaluated 50 Italian Riesling of the 2013 vintage. The jury considered the uniqueness and quality of the wines and was composed of 24 among sommeliers, oenologists and wine experts from Italy and Germany. The wines were tasted using the known system of 100 points and the top ten were tasted again later.

«Riesling – the vice president of the festival Peter Dipoli underlines – is an increasingly popular variety, both locally and nationally. The results of the 9th National Competition confirm that, compared to other wine regions in Italy, in South Tyrol Riesling is cultivated with great success».

«The result – Monika Unterthurner, president of the South Tyrol Riesling Days of Naturns (Bz), states – and also the great participation in the competition are very satisfactory. We can be much more than pleased about the trend of the event and the interest shown towards this edition of the Riesling Days».

The 10 Best Riesling 2013

Azienda agricola Ettore Germano, Langhe Doc Riesling Herzu 2013

Himmelreich–Hof, Fliri Markus, Südtirol Vinschgau Riesling Doc 2013

Weingut Unterortl Familie Aurich, Südtirol Vinschgau Doc Riesling 2013 Castel Juval

Istituto Agrario San Michele all’Adige, Riesling Trentino Doc 2013

Eisacktaler Kellerei, Südtiroler Eisacktaler Riesling Aristos 2013

Cantina La Vis, Riesling Trentino Doc Simboli 2013

Azienda agricola Roeno di Fugatti R. & C., "Praecipuus" Riesling Renano delle Venezie Igt 2013

Kellereigen. St. Pauls, Südtiroler Riesling Doc 2013

Pratzner Franz Falkenstein, Südtirol Vinschgau Riesling 2013 DOC

Kellerei Meran Burggräfler, Südtiroler Riesling Graf von Meran 2013