10 winning wines of pecial award Aureus Calix 2012

The ceremony for the selection of the wines of Lazio "Calix Aureus 2012" was in Rome last Saturday at Eataly.

The wine competition has been organized by the Department for Economic Development and Agriculture of the Region Lazio along with Unioncamere

The purpose of 'Aureus Calix 2012'

The competition was created to promote in Italy and in the world the best production in the area.

The numbers of 'Calix Aureus 2012'

-69 Wineries,

-237 Labels in total

The evaluations and selections

The evaluation committees were 3 and each composed of five members: three technicians, an expert and a representative of the restaurant according to the Ministerial Decree governing wine competitions. Coordination and was edited by Professor Luigi Odello Study Centre tasters.

The labels that have earned the minimum score of 80/100 were 108. In the final selection of wines that have scored between 87 and 89/100 have been declared a tie and won a certificate of merit.

All wines have achieved a minimum score of 90/100 have received the special prize "Aureus Calix 2012."

The voices of the promoters

"The effort to enhance the wine sector in Lazio requires specific policies. In this perspective, the competition 'Calix Aureus' is a specific initiative to promote the ability 'of men and companies in our territory. Way of quality', in fact , and 'the only one to pursue in order to overcome the current economic crisis, maintain competitive products on the market and the live export sector, "said Peter Di Paolo, Councillor for Economic Development and Agriculture of the Region of Lazio.

"As part of an ongoing commitment to enhance the production chains, the chambers Lazio supports the growth of the agricultural sector with the ultimate aim of making undertakings of our country more 'competitive both on the national and global economy.The initiative 'Calix Aureus' is fully part of this strategy of development of our typical products, in this case wine, often of excellence, "said Giancarlo Cremonesi, president of Unioncamere Lazio and the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

"The results of the competition are encouraging signs for the products truly original and quality. 'Common commitment of the institutions to identify and reward these wines enhancing it with appropriate promotional activities, in the right direction and I am proud that for the realization of' Arm event was asked to provide its know-how, "said Aldo Matthias, president of the company Roman markets.