Great Wines Piedmont: Piedmont arrives in Rome
Great Wines Piedmont: Piedmont arrives in Rome

Great Wines Piedmont: Piedmont arrives in Rome

Great Wines Piedmont: Piedmont arrives in Rome

Piemonte Grandi Vini is the new wine exhibition that on the 22th of Monday and 23th of Tuesday, October will bring to Rome the best of Piedmont wines with tastings and meetings

At Villa Miani in Rome, will host the first edition of "Piemonte Grandi Vini", we will dive into a sensory journey to discover the Piedmontese vines />

The promoters of Piemonte Grandi Vini

The event is sponsored by the "Piedmont Land of Perfection" Association;, a company that brings together different Consortia of wine (Asti, Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba, Langhe and Roero, Brachetto d'Acqui, Wines Barbera d'Asti and Monferrato, Gavi) and 2 large producer groups: Manufacturers Vintners Moscato and Piedmont.
"Piedmont Land of Perfection was founded in 2011 to raise awareness of the wine and the excellence of Piedmont and especially abroad in emerging markets like Asia - says Andrea Ferrero, president of the Consortium - but in our promotion policy not forget the Italian consumers and so we start from our capital, where relive a corner of Piedmont with its landscapes and its vineyards, aspiring to become UNESCO World Heritage Site. "
The vice president Gianluigi Biestro added: "It 's been a year, but we are still in the spirit of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy and we want to reaffirm the presence of Piedmont in the wine lists of restaurants, pubs and wine bars in Rome, with extra attention to young consumers. "

Piemonte Grandi Vini: between the event and the Tre Bicchieri 2013

On the 22th and 23th October at Villa Miani, you can taste the best of Piedmont wines: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera d'Asti, Dogliani DOCG, Dolcetto, Roero Arneis, Gavi to Moscato d'Asti, Brachetto d'Acqui, Asti DOCG. The occasion will be unique to immerse yourself in the lands of Piedmont with their traditional spirit and innovative, not surprisingly, the output of the Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri 2013 Piedmont says: "Piedmont wine, so rich in history and tradition, is, for a good part of the collective, as a region rather static and not prone to change. Instead, after many tastings conducted this year in the various districts of Piedmont, we can say, once again, the dynamism and the effervescence style and culture that characterize the entire territory. " (To see the Tre Bicchieri Piedmontese see End of Article)

For emerging artists: the 2012 contest
For artists there "Piemonte Grandi Vini Creative Contest". A contest whose theme will be theme: the Piedmontese wine with the charm of history and wines in the Piedmont region.
(The announcement of the competition and can be downloaded on the website online by October 1)

The program Piemonte Grandi Vini
The first day is for experts: personality of the wine world, the young managers of new businesses (local and wine), restaurant owners, brokers, institutions, enrolled in AIS (Italian Sommelier Association), journalists, representatives guides "Bibenda "and" Duemilavini "and entrepreneurs.

The second day Piemonte Grandi Vini opens its doors to the public. Special guest will be Maria Grazia Cucinotta.

Villa Miani 22 and 23 October 2012

Event start at 16.00

Accreditation process.
All participants will receive the program of the two dates in which there will be a section devoted to "Notes of taste" in order to give to each guest to write down the wines and wineries appreciated.
In addition, the glass will be offered for tasting with the special branded pouch.

From a reception, guests will find themselves in a dining-hall with chairs and corner coffee break. From this small room you will have access to the lounges dedicated to wine cellars.

Salt Tasting
The stands will be located on the ground floor of the villa.

Sale Workshop
During the event there will be a space dedicated to workshops, located on the first floor, and another space dedicated to the exhibition of the works in competition. In both dates, there will be meetings with personalities from the world of wine, experts, etc ....

In both dates, from 19:00 until 21:00 will be served a buffet designed specifically for the event, in the dining hall on the ground floor near the entrance.

The first day to accompany the event, a Jazz Duo will perform during the cocktail party.
On the second day, the music will resound Dj Stefano De Nicola, resident of the biggest clubs in the capital.

The winner of the "Piemonte Grandi Vini Creative Contest" will be awarded during the aperitif. Presents the award Maria Grazi Cucinotta

At the end of the event, October 23, Piemonte Grandi Vini greet guests with an impressive fireworks display.

Guests have access to a shuttle service that connects Piazzale Clodio at Villa Miani. The first race will be at 16:00 and the last from Villa Miani at 23:40.

Guests have access to a shuttle service that connects Piazzale Clodio at Villa Miani. The first race will be at 16 and the last from Villa Miani at 23.40.


To satisfy the curiosity of all:

Tre Bicchieri 2013 Piedmont

Alta Langa Brut Zero Cantina Enrico Serafino Teacher 2006
Gaja Barbaresco 2009
Barbaresco Asili 2009 Ca 'del Baio
Bruno Giacosa Barbaresco Asili Riserva 2007
Barbaresco Asili Old Vines 2007 Roagna - The Paglieri
Busso Barbaresco Borgese 2009
Barbaresco Camp Gros Martinenga 2008 Tenute Cisa Asinari of the Marquis of Gr




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Great Wines Piedmont: Piedmont arrives in Rome