In the context of the agri-food industry, the promotion of "Made in Italy" and support for young entrepreneurs are of vital importance. QUIDQUID Srls presents its innovative project,, a web 4.0 platform that aims to strengthen the Italian food and wine supply chain through a 100% made in Italy supply chain.

Action Panel Match: A Clear Mission

The heart of the project is the Action Panel Match (APM) algorithm, designed to share and convey information in real time and become a global strategic support for production, commercial and information chains. APM is one of the most intuitive and effective match & search engine products on the Internet.

All applications developed with APM have "Pmatch" as the final root in their domain, ensuring continuity and credibility.

The Applications of

The first application available on is dedicated to the Italian agri-food chain, with a particular focus on regional specialties and the fight against counterfeiting and imitations. Users can generate relationships (1st and 2nd level matches) based on specific conditions and proposals during registration.

An Agile and User-Friendly Approach

Usability is fundamental to, and the platform is designed to offer intuitive and consistent navigation. The graphic layouts are in "visual panel" mode, guaranteeing users a constant graphical interface. This system offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced errors and increased safety.

Innovative Business Networking presents itself as the most innovative "business networking" for communication between companies (B2B). The platform fosters the building of interpersonal relationships, the development of solid marketing strategies and the creation of ongoing market opportunities.

PayPerUse and on Demand services offers a series of services available in PayPerUse mode and on demand. Among these, the Bank Security Amatch service stands out, which allows secure online transactions, guaranteeing both sellers and buyers the correctness of transactions.

Certified Consul for the Fight against Counterfeiting

The "Certified Console" is reserved for bodies (Regions, Consortia, Associations, Cooperatives, Ministries, etc.) and allows them to assign a "certification" to users, identifying them as real and reliable. This helps to combat counterfeiting and preserve the true "Made in Italy".

The Actors of the Supply Chain involves four main players in the supply chain: producers, buyers, suppliers and institutions. These actors have different needs but share the objective of promoting Made in Italy.


In a rapidly evolving world, acts as a catalyst for the Italian food and wine supply chain. By offering an innovative networking environment, secure services and tools to fight counterfeiting, the project aims to strengthen the competitiveness of Made in Italy in the global market. Our mission is to create connections, promote collaboration and ensure the success of Italian businesses.