'The return to the future of viticulture' here is the cutting-edge issue
The vineyards can give so much. We must find the way for
sustainable future matching roots and innovation.

This topic will be the core of the Conference "Vigna-Ricerca-Ambiente-Vino/Tutelare know-how and innovation in the production of wine" to be held Saturday, January 21 at the Campus Cirve of Conegliano Veneto (Treviso).

This meeting
is organise by Sirch Simonit Tuners & Grape Cervim in collaboration with Research Centre, research, preservation, enhancement and coordination for the mountain viticulture, CIRIVE, Interdepartmental Centre for Research of the University of vine and wine Milan and Isvv, Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences, University of Bordeaux.

It will be a useful opportunity to discuss the ideas, proposals and projects to revive the Viticulture.

Vasco Boatto, Cirve the director of the University of Padua will wlecome the expert-guests. All leading figures in the field of viticulture:
-Diego Tomasi Conegliano Cravit speak of the 'natural and human factors that shape the production base of the wines of the province of Treviso';
-Roberto Causin Department of plant pathology at the University of Padua 'Pathogens' by injury 'and diseases of the wood of the vine',
-Attilio CIRIVE-Science, Interdepartmental Centre for Research viticultural and winemaking at the University of Milan, called the 'The vine is a liana: is just a curiosity?',
-Oil-François Murisier vice president, Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vin, will talk about the 'Sustainability in viticulture: environmental, social and economic'
-Denis Dubourdieu Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of University of de Bordeaux 'The value of wine between nature and culture: reflections on the issues of wine and viticulture'.

Finally intervene of Marco Simonit Simonit Sirch & Grape-trainers will present the pruning operation culture as crucial in the recovery and conservation of wine.

We are particularly interested in how the University decided to move toward decisions of this type