WineWise: Next Generation Architecture for Smart Wine Production here is what contributed to the very Italian winery Poggio la Meta was awarded in London with the prestigious Innovation Award at Cisco Live 2012 for the Food and Beverage category "Most Innovative Business Impacting Network of the Year ".

 What is WineWise?

This is a sensor system that monitors and classifies all system features of the wine: the position in the row, greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and chemicals with which they came into contact, until the alcohol content and, of course, the vineyard in which the wine is made.

Basically it's a technological architecture for managing parameters (endogenous and exogenous) that characterize the process in wine (scalable then precision and high quality food and animal) for an innovative methodology for the definition of:


What Used to define?

Carbon Footprint
Qualitative profile of the sector
Economic and financial


Winewise thus combines the control of pollutant emissions in the production and the vanguard for the use of technologies available to protect the environment.

Also with Qr Code on labels of bottled variety of information, processing, aging, indexes to reduce pollutants and traceability of wine are within reach of any smartphone. and demonstrated through modern technological devices which can be held.

What are the benefits that can bring?

Interpret and identify in advance the distribution requirements, institutions and consumers
Provide quality of the assets' measured along the chain
Consumer protection through traceability
Ensuring fair competition between producers (the yield is considered to
hectare is correlated with the physico-chemical parameters and with those energy)
Ensuring environmental sustainability, economic and social (reduction and resource optimization)

The project was created by agreement between Concept Reply, Cisco System, and Poggio's Meta thank Prof. Mariano nicotine that has ensured the scientific and technological support. Just the professor Nicotine, wine-core business of the Italian company, said:'' No industrial production can 'now regardless of the technology, but this is a friend of quality' and the tradition and help us to optimize those processes that otherwise may have a disastrous impact on the environment. Our commitment to the recent years has led us to the achievement of Zero Emission Certification, becoming more 'attention, so', the environmental impact.''

The Innovation Award at Cisco Live 2012 is a very renowned award created eight years ago by the world leader in wireless technology to promote in Europe, Africa, Russia and Middle East Technology Development virtuous An important success ee rich signigicati :: "A recognition going to Italy, even before us, "said the nicotine to the press. "The bottle number 1 of 'Young 2010' is ready to be donated to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano."