SIPA presents a new PET container of different capacities, designed to make kegs for wine and beer with the aim of preserving both still or sparkling wine and beer.

SIPA designs and develops 5-10-20-30 liter kegs for wine and beer which can then be produced using its linear blowing systems or integrated systems. The disposable recyclable drums, in different ways (with or without aluminum bag) preserve the quality of the still or carbonated product. The product thus maintains its organoleptic characteristics unaltered throughout the distribution chain, from filling to pouring wine at the bar.

When it comes to developing an application for PET containers, SIPA has all the technological solutions. Not only the machines for producing the containers - filling them and palletising them - but also has the technology, the knowledge of materials, the experience in designing that goes from design to palletized product.

SIPA can provide advice on the best resins to use, can design the optimal preforms, has the machines to produce them and is a design partner, in the development of the most functional container being able to produce prototypes and then test them in its vast laboratory.

This is a unique offer that applies to both standard bottles and jars as well as large format containers. And when we say large, we mean large - we are talking about sizes up to 30 liters and beyond. SIPA can apply its experience to containers for all applications and sizes: water, CSD, beer, vegetable oils, mineral oils, detergents, chemicals, etc.

The strength of SIPA lies in its ability to understand the customer's requests to develop a container that satisfies both its functional and aesthetic needs. SIPA has decades of experience in designing a container with optimal ergonomics, especially in the lifting phase: an innovative example are the 2 5 gallon Easy Grip shapes. Alongside the reusable containers with the traditional side handle, in fact, SIPA has designed two new container shapes that are more comfortable to handle given the weight that (when filled) reaches about 20 kg.

Large containers. From concept to palletization, all with SIPA