In Florence a museum of wine has been opened: WinEx

WinEx is the new museum in the heart of Florence. Visitors can now enjoy a permanent exhibition dedicated to the work cycle of vine and wine, with more than 500 historic objects, starting from some authentic Etruscan, Roman and medieval tools granted by the Archaeological Museum of Florence.

The museum offers an interesting journey of the history of wine from the vineyard to the winery, and is the first exhibition dedicated to wine that is not linked to consortia and companies.

WinEx is composed of two rooms entirely dedicated to the celebration of all the elements that from the vine lead to the bottle of wine.

The collection is minded by Giuseppe Iuppa, a great lover of archeology, Etruscan history and wine, and owner of the Little David wine–bar: “For a long time I have collected this material around Italy for personal pleasure – he says, with satisfaction – and last year I finally decided to select the most interesting specimens and sort them according to a didactic criterion, so as to give an added value to the Florentines and to tourists. I know that such a museum can not hold a candle to the Uffizi or the Accademia, but I wish it could become an attraction for visitors in Florence to make them know an important part of made ​​in Tuscany wine”.

The exhibition on the world of vine and winery offers:

first area: here you can find a “kantharos” (a sort of Etruscan decanter), the area is devoted to the relationship between man and vine with a collection of objects characteristic of the phases of the work on vineyards

second area: a second space, instead, retraces the moments of transition from must to wine.

The museum is located close to Eataly Florence.

The Museum of Wine is open daily, from 10:00 a.m. to Midnight (in conjunction with the opening hours of Little David), free entrance for customers of the wine–bar.

Image Credits: Tomb of the Triclinium of Tarquinia, 470 BC, Copy of Carlo Ruspi 1833. Vatican Museum, Gregorian Etruscan Museum