Gin Tabar Bergamot, for a perfect gin and tonic
Gin Tabar Bergamot, for a perfect gin and tonic

Gin Tabar Bergamot, for a perfect gin and tonic

The citrus pleasure of the new Casoni gin

Gin Tabar Bergamot is the new taste of summer, fresh and scented with gin and 100% natural ingredients . The citrus notes of bergamot enhance the aromatic profile of the botanicals, giving an intriguing mix that goes wonderfully with the right tonic. The result is an impeccable gin and tonic , characterized by natural aromas and unprecedented nuances of taste. Ideal for an informal aperitif at sunset or to light up the rhythm of the night, Gin Tabar Bergamot creates unique moments of conviviality marked by bitter notes alternating with sweet hints that culminate in a satisfying emphasis of freshness. Evenings have another flavor with Gin Tabar Bergamot , the essential ingredient for a perfect Gin Tonic.

Gin Tabar Bergamotto Casoni originates where tradition and novelty meet. A recipe born from the passion and experience of the Casoni family, which combines different aromatic notes to create a distillate with a contemporary character , with a vibrant and fresh taste.

Gin Tabar Bergamotto Casoni contains a surprising mix of 100% natural gin and citrus fruits. The intense citrus flavor dominates the entire tasting, blending perfectly with the other botanicals. The lively notes of bergamot, bitter orange and sweet orange combine with the fresh and pleasantly pungent aromas of coriander and cardamom. The balsamic hints of juniper and the botanical ones of angelica and chamomile emerge. The delicate aromatic notes of rosemary close the experience.

Each sip takes you on a sensory journey among the different aromas expertly blended and designed to give a pleasant and soft gin. A new expression of taste that evokes citrus scented gardens, overlooking the sapphire blue of the Mediterranean.

Gin Tabar Bergamot is excellent in Gin & Tonic, for modern Twist on Classics and as a base for refreshing and original cocktails. Dedicated to gin lovers who love to explore new tastes and to those approaching the fascinating world of gin for the first time.

The processing, slow and meticulous

Tribute to the specialties of the Italian territory, such as bergamot, the new gin comes from the ancient technique of the Casoni artisan distillery . The botanicals are processed separately, infused in alcohol and heated to 60°C for 3 days . They are then distilled in steel stills, where they are left to age for 3 months , so that the aromatic compounds blend perfectly with each other. The distilled gin is mixed with grain alcohol and then brought to an ABV of 45% . Finally, it remains in refinement for about 30 days in order to allow its aromatic refinement. This slow and meticulous process is essential to enhance every single aroma and make it unmistakable.

ORIGIN : Italy


ABV : 45%

PRODUCTION METHOD : compound gin

BOTANICALS : bergamot, juniper, coriander, angelica, bitter orange, chamomile, cardamom, sweet orange, rosemary

AROMATIC NOTES : the intense citrus flavor, with the long and intense finish that evolves in harmony with that of the other botanicals, reveals a taste of great complexity

TIPS : perfect paired with delicate tonics to fully savor the citrus aromas



Gin Tabar Bergamot, for a perfect gin and tonic



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