Twenty Scriani A wine that tells 20 years of history of a family and a territory, Valpolicella

  • 15/12/2020

"Twenty", a diamond signed by Scriani

Tradition and contemporaneity of style are characteristics that all Scriani wines have in common and that find one of the highest expressions in the latest wine: " Twenty ". The family jewel. This is a 2008 Veronese red IGP from the heart of the most authentic and classic Valpolicella, produced in only 1,700 bottles, which celebrates 20 years of company history . And it does so not only in the style of the bottle, but above all in its content. A sober but exciting elegance that starts from the bottle made of black satin glass, which defines its layout in a unique way, as well as helping the wine in its evolutionary path while preserving its characteristics at best, enriched by a black velvet label processing with reliefs three-dimensional effect.

The wine is born from the perfect meeting and fusion of five company varieties, conceived and chosen specifically for the project by Stefano Cottini, owner of the Scriani company. These are Corvina (40%), Merlot (15%), Sangiovese (15%), Rebo (15%) and Croatina (15%) . Grapes are scrupulously harvested and selected in the company's historic vineyards in Ronchiel, west of Fumane (VR). After 10 years of evolution in oak barrels, the final product is a wine that has a velvety body and structure, the alcohol content is 15%, but at the same time manages to find the right balance between the characteristics of freshness and softness. It is a real explosion of materiality, with ripe fruit that depopulates between plum and cherry references, passing through notes of the small buds of the undergrowth. They do not clash, but rather embellish, even the tertiary scents with echoes of vanilla and cocoa. The sips are at the same time slender, full and enveloping but above all intriguing and round, with a long final persistence. Elegant tannins, never impertinent, are the result of a wise use of wood, the true cradle for this wine.

Twenty is a highly gastronomic wine that goes well with traditional dishes and preparations, but not only, such as roasts, game, aged cheeses or red meats in general. However, it is a wine that can also be drunk "as a meditation".

In Fumane, the Scriani family has been pursuing a winemaking philosophy for generations that speaks of respect, search for quality and enhancement of the territory. It does so through a production that comes from its own vineyards, cultivated with dedication, in dry-walled terraces, on the hilly slopes of "Monte S. Urbano" to the east and "La Costa" to the west. Rows between 250 and 400 meters above sea level in which the soils, mainly of medium texture, are characterized by a marked presence of gray and oceanic limestone and basaltic tuffs that allow to qualify and characterize the production. But it is above all the environmental balance taken care of in the field and the presence of the forest that allow to obtain elegant wines, with authenticity to the sip.




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