Pinot Bianco

Organoleptic characteristics:
The color of Pinot Blanc varies from greenish yellow to light yellow and has an aroma of apple, pear and peach, but also of almond and exotic fruits. In the mouth it is dry, textured, slightly acidic.

Historical-cultural information and curiosities:
The first evidence of the cultivation of Pinot Bianco dates back to the Roman period: this variety would come from France as a genetic mutation of Pinot Noir
Its name probably derives from "small pine cone", for the small size of the bunch and for the disposition of the berries, compressed among them.
Due to its acidity, Pinot Blanc is excellent in procedures for the making of sparkling wine.

Serving suggestions:
Pinot Blanc is great with fish dishes, white and not very tasty meats. It is also highly appreciated as an aperitif.

Production area:
The production of Pinot Blanc is in France and Germany. As for Italy, the cultivation of this variety is widespread everywhere, but the areas of excellence are the regions of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trentino-Alto Adige, Franciacorta and Tuscany.

Vines that are allowed to produce it:
100% Pinot Blanc.