Petite Arvine

Description of the wine:
Valle d'Aosta Petite Arvine is a wine with good acidity and alcohol content, of character and intense aroma. The sweet version is obtained drying the grapes.

Organoleptic characteristics:

The Valle d'Aosta Petite Arvine wine has straw yellow with greenish glares color, a fine, fruity and elegant aroma, and in the mouth it is dry, full-bodied, lively, harmonious, characteristic.

Historical-cultural information and curiosities:
The Petite Arvine grape variety is also called "vine of the glaciers" for its ability to adapt to cold climates and high altitudes.

Serving suggestions:
It goes well with fish dishes, light and not too tasty white meats, snacks.

Production area:
Valle d'Aosta (in particular, the areas suitable for the quality production of this wine are at the right side of Dora Baltea).

Grape varieties allowed for its production:
Petite Arvine (minimum 85%). To the production of this wine other red berry grape varieties suitable for cultivation in Valle d'Aosta (for a maximum of 15%) can contribute.