Description of the wine:
In single-variety winemaking, Merlot is a wine of class, soft, velvety, dry, robust. From the vinification of Merlot with other grapes various Italian DOC are obtained.

Organoleptic characteristics:
The Merlot wines have ruby ​​red color tending to garnet with aging. Their aroma
is vinous, intense, a bit herbaceous and
their taste is dry or sometimes sweet, savory, robust, of rightly tannic body, harmonious.

Historical-cultural information and curiosities:
The first written document where the term Merlot appears goes back to the eighteenth century. In Italy some traders who had contacts with France began to import it at the end of the nineteenth century, but the real boom of the cultivation of this grape variety (especially in Veneto and Friuli) begins at end of the Second World War.

Serving suggestions:
Red meats, roasts, middle cheese, first courses with meat sauce, important risotto.