Italian Red Wine Ronchedone

Description of the wine: In an area traditionally suited for the cultivation of white berry grapes, a rich, thick, clean red wine is produced. It is expression of the land it comes from, southern of Lake Garda. Organoleptic characteristics: The Ronchedone wine has ruby ​​red color, an intense aroma of wild fruits, black cherry, with hints of spices, roasted coffee and cocoa. Its taste is warm and decided, with strongly present tannins. Serving suggestions: The Ronchedone goes well with important first courses (for example with sauces based on meat), red meats and mature cheese. Production area: Ronchedone, Desenzano del Garda. Grape varieties allowed to produce it: Marzemino (45%), Sangiovese (45%) and Cabernet Sauvugnon (10%).