Italian Red Wine Roero Arneis

Organoleptic characteristics: The Roero Arnei wine has straw yellow color, it has a delicate, fresh, possibly with a hint of wood aroma and, in the mouth, it is elegant, harmonious and possibly tannins. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The cultivation of the Roero grape variety seems to have begun in 400. It became a very productive activity and rooted in the territory immediately. With the depopulation of the countryside and the two world wars of the twentieth century, however, the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine undergoes a block. Thanks to the intuition of some employers, however, the production of Roero Arnei could start again, so it became the most popular and sought-after white wine of Piedmont. Serving suggestions: The Roero Arneis wine is great as aperitif, it goes well with dishes based on fish, white meats, vegetables, and is great with mature cheese. Production area: Province of Cuneo. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Roero Arneis 100%.