Italian Red Wine Passito

Description of the wine: The name "raisin" derives from the peculiar wine-making technique that consists in leaving the grapes to dry. This is to make sure that in the wine sugars and flavours are present and concentrated: raisin wines are generally very sweet and alcoholic (around 14.5 ° C). Organoleptic characteristics: Raisin wines usually have a golden yellow or amber color (except for the red ones, which are ruby red), smell of fruit, honey, jam, and in the mouth they are sweet. Serving suggestions: Raisin wines are generally accompanied by desserts: puff pastry, cream pastry, eggnog or cream, dry sweets such as cookies and "cantucci" enriched with dried fruits or candied fruits, Panettone and Pandoro. Production area: In Italy raisin wines are produced in all regions, with different characteristics and different quantities. Production techniques: There are various techniques of producing a raisin wine. One of these is the late harvest, which consists of making clusters wither directly on vines, another consists of subjecting grapes to the aggression or noble mould, another consists of placing clusters in closed areas with certain conditions of temperature and humidity after the harvest. The drying of the clusters makes that they can reach a concentration of sugars that can reach 40%.