Italian Red Wine Lagrein

Organoleptic characteristics: This wine shows an intense ruby ​​red color tending to deep garnet. Its aroma is dry and pleasant, typical of its variety. Its taste is dry, soft, velvety, full. The rosé type has light ruby ​​red color, with shades of salmon, has a pleasant and delicate aroma and a dry, not very full-bodied, harmonious, elegant, cool taste. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: Viticulture is one of the pillars of the economy but also of the culture of South Tyrol. The land owned by each farm is not very large, therefore the production is quality-oriented. The testimonies of Lagrein go back to the year one thousand. The rosé was introduced a couple of centuries later, when Charles IV forbade the use of dark Lagrein to the army because it was too strong. Serving suggestions: Lagrein is a wine that is perfectly suited to any meal. Excellent with meat of game. The rosé version goes well with white meat and not too tasty dishes, according to the tradition is served with canederli. Production area: Territories of several municipalities in the province of Bolzano, suitable for the production of quality wines (according to the regulations). Grape varieties allowed for its production: Lagrein grape (85-100%). For a maximum of 15% grapes from other grape varieties considered suitable for cultivation in the province of Bolzano can contribute to the production.