Italian Red Wine Groppello

Characteristics: This wine has a brilliant ruby ​​red color. Its aroma is vinous, characteristic, fruity as young and spicy with aging. Its taste is fruity, characteristic, fine, with a typical salinity and a possible almond aftertaste. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The name Groppello derives from the dialectal term groppo or grop,, which means node, and refers to the shape of the bunches of the grapes used for this wine, which is particularly compact. Serving suggestions: It is excellent with meats and cheese, which should be not too tasty. Is also accompanied by grilled red meats and roasts. Production area: Territories of several municipalities in the province of Brescia. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Groppello (minimum 85%). Grapes from other black berry varieties, for a maximum of 15%, are admitted.