Italian Red Wine Buttafuoco

Characteristics: The Buttafuoco wine appears with a more or less intense bright red color, has a vinous and intense smell and a dry and full-bodied taste. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: The cultivation of vines in this area dates back to periods before the Roman Empire and continues through the centuries. At the end of 1800, the quality of the wines reaches the French levels and begin to be exported to America with excellent results. After the dark period of phylloxera and the First World War viticulture developes again, specializing and intensifying, until the achieving of the autonomous DOC Buttafuoco in 2010. According to a legend, the name Buttafuoco derives from the homonymous Austro-Hungarian Navy ship "Buttafuoco", named in memory of a group of soldiers engaged in fighting the army of Sardinia sull'Oltrepò. Instead of presiding over the river, they found a cellar full of local wine. According to the legend, they drank so much that lost their will to wage war against the Sardinian army and entered into peace agreements. Serving suggestions: It goes well with game and cheese. Production area: Territories south of Via Emilia, in the following municipalities in the province of Pavia: Stradella, Broni, Canneto Pavese, Montescano, Castana, Cigognola, Pietra de' Giorgi. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Barbera (from 25% to 65%), Croatina (from 25% to 65%), Uva Rara and Vespolina, alone or in combination (for a maximum of 45%).