Italian Red Wine Botticino

Description of the wine: Botticino is a traditional red wine of Brescia, produced since the days of the Romans and come to us thanks to its quality and the characteristics of the territory. Organoleptic characteristics: Botticino has a ruby ​​red color with garnet glares. It has a winey and intense smell. Its taste is dry, harmonious and slightly tannic. Historical-cultural information and curiosities: According to testimonies that have come down to us, the first grape plants were brought into the territory by the Cenomani people (which later merged with the Romans). During the Middle Ages, the Benedictines dedicated themselves to the reclaim of the land and to viticulture. After the phylloxera period, it was exactly in the country of Botticino where the interventions for the reconstruction of the vineyards were experimented. To witness the importance of wine to the area, just look at the symbol of the town, a barrel that would result from the union of the three barrels symbol of the Botticino Mattina, Botticino Sera and S. Gallo municipalities. From the nineteenth century also began the commercialization of the Botticino wine. Serving suggestions: This wine expresses all its properties when paired with first and second courses that are very hearty and tasty, such as main courses with meat sauce or salami. Production area: All or part of the territories of the municipalities of Brescia, Botticino and Rezzato. Grape varieties allowed for its production: Barbera (minimum 30%), Schiava Gentile (medium or gray, alone or together with 10% minimum), Marzemino (minimum 20%) and Sangiovese (minimum 10%). Red berry grape varieties authorized by the province of Brescia for a maximum of 10% can contribute to the production of this wine.