Amarone Masi: “Costasera Contemporary Art” has been founded

Amarone Masi: “Costasera Contemporary Art” has been founded

Amarone Masi: “Costasera Contemporary Art” has been founded

“Costasera Contemporary Art” of Masi Agricola selects every two years an internationally renowned artist to draw the labels of Amarone Costasera. The first label will be signed by the Swede Ernst Billgren.

Masi Agricola has chosen the Swedish artist Ernst Billgren to draw the label of Costasera Amarone 1998 vintage.

The artist, one of the most recognized contemporary artists in Sweden, has created a work dedicated to the Amarone that is the icon of Masi, the pictorial work has been called “Nature and Culture” and reproduced on the labels that cover a selection of 1998 vintage bottles.

Costasera Amarone: “Nature and Culture”

Billgren explained his work. “In the picture the roe deer and her cub symbolize the care transmitted through the generations, the houses express the desire to build a prosperous society and essential for growing grapes, fruits represent the richness of wine itself”.

Masi Agricola: marriage between art and Amarone

“The idea behind this project is to continue along the road of the union between wine and the world of culture”, Raffaele Boscaini, Marketing Director, comments. “For over thirty years Masi expresses, through its Foundation, its passion for the art of making wine promoting cultural events and initiatives that enrich the territory of the Veneto region and its surroundings communicating in the world. Not by chance, Stockholm has been elected to inaugurate this new initiative (...). We were the first to introduce the Amarone wine in the Swedish market more than 25 years ago (note: today Sweden absorbs 8% of the company's entire production of Amarone), creating an unbreakable bond between the flagship wine of the Veneto region and this land”.

To fulfil these intentions, “Costasera Contemporary Art” will use the funds derived from the sale of the bottles with the artistic label in limited edition to involve young artists in study internships in Venice and the Veneto region.



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Amarone Masi: “Costasera Contemporary Art” has been founded