Pulltex S.r.l.
Pulltex S.r.l.
Via dei Laghi, 36
53035 Monteriggioni (Siena)

Pulltex S.r.l.

pulltex produces corkscrews, wine accessories, buckets, complements, monteriggioni

Pulltex is the most important brand of wine accessories which constitutes a large choice of corkscrews and other professional accessories for wine lovers. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in this field, it now occupies the first place on the market. Pulltex corkscrews are protected with more than 20 international patents especially the patent for the original double lever corkscrew, as well as the double lever and retractable. These patents are a revolution for all waiters. The Pulltex brand is on the market with a smaller series of wine accessories and with the idea of offering a better and easier service. After the first lever corkscrews, PULLTAP'S was launched on the market which reinvented a completely new way to uncork a bottle of wine, the patent has gone around the international market Currently, Pulltex is a brand well placed on the market, offering a complete series of accessories designed for every moment used to serve wine. Pulltex is, and stands out for innovation, design, originality, functionality and above all, the quality of its products.

Pulltex S.r.l.

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